The Body as Teacher

The Body as Teacher is a dance and movement workshop originally conducted for women over the age of 50, who were interested in developing a more compassionate relationship with their bodies.  The original workshops were held at Seattle Unity Church in 2015 & 2016.

Now, The Body as Teacher returns as a class for anyone interested in healing their body and mind from trauma through dance.  The next workshop will take place each Sunday in August, 2017 at Open Flight Studio in Seattle and will focus on:

  • Giving participants the space and time to begin to listen to their bodies' own needs and impulses.
  • Allowing participants to dance, write, read, paint, draw, and sing out their bodies' messages.
  • Facilitating an honest and open dialogue around the process of healing through all types of art, with time for participants to exchange with one another and express their truth within a group of other supportive people.
  • Giving participants tools they can use in their everyday lives to continue the process of listening to and learning from the all important signals their bodies are sending to them each and every day.