A Dream for our Collective Futures

We live in abundance. 

Each morning we greet the sun with a dance.  We hug and kiss the people, animals and plants all around us.  Every day we take our shoes off and walk in the grass.  Our homes and businesses are connected with nature, not in defiance of it.  We cultivate and enjoy nourishing food.  We have fulfilling romantic and sexual lives with partner(s) who care for us, understand and respect our limits, and respect one another.  Our hearts are open and overflowing with love.  We each foster the artistic creativity inside of us and inside of our neighbors and friends and we share our art with one another. 

At night, we have fires and look at the stars and breathe deeply and smell the earth.  We have rituals around birth, death and life, the turning of seasons, maturation of our children, the bringing together of people in love, and the turning of the moon, the stars and the sun.  We live in harmony with our planet.  

We don’t ‘go to work’, we are our work.  Our work is our art is our love is our dance is our dreams is our community is our children is our LIFE.  We usher our children into the world with love and gratitude, we care for them as the precious beings they are, we take care of them each step of their journey, we remind them they are the future, we remind them of their importance and their inherent worth.  

All of the beings around us embody, create and are cherished from that worthiness.

Photo by Mark Basarab