Creating a Daily Physical Practice

Our bodies are our bridge between the physical world and the emotional/spiritual world.  Connecting with the body on a daily basis can help alleviate stress and pain and cultivate wellness. Here is a set of a simple instructions you can use to create a daily physical practice.


Lay down on your floor.  Breathe deeply.  

Allow the spaces that are hard to soften.

Feel the air against your skin, the solid ground beneath you, holding you. 


Continue to breathe, and to focus on the breath.  

Feel the breath expanding every cell of you, 

allow your exhalation to collapse you, as the air seeps out of a balloon.


Thoughts will arise: 


Am I doing this right? 

What is the point?

Why I am here?

Who am I?

What is my body?


Meet them, hold them, kiss them, hug the thoughts tightly

and then release them.


Allow your breath to move you without effort.

There is no need to pose - be mindful of the ways your body is already moving, 

without having to do anything.


Small extensions through the fingers and toes, 

long yawning stretches through the torso and hips

rolling of the neck, the ankles, the wrists, 

may all occur naturally 

along with infinite other options. 


Allow, accept, and appreciate your moving body.

We are all blessed with the gift of breath; give thanks.