Playing with Patterns of Dominance and Submission in the Body

Read the directions once through, and then let yourself play. Don’t focus too hard on getting this ‘right’.

Identify a dominant/submissive side:

Sit still until you feel the impulse to move. As you begin to move, notice which side of the body you began with. Continue to move, noting which side of the body feels like the natural leader of the movements. If there isn’t a clear dominant side, or if the dominant side switches as you move down the body (one arm is dominant and the opposite leg is dominant, for example) take note of that as well. If you don’t feel like one side is dominant, continue to move until you feel a dominant or submissive energy begin to emerge. Maybe it will emerge as colors in the imagination, or as competing voices in the mind. Maybe you feel your bottom half is dominant and the top half of you follows along. Just wait until you feel a conversation happening before you move on to the next portion.

Now that you’ve identified your dominant side (or energy, color, emotion, or however that manifests for you in your body), really allow that dominant side to take over and speak. Do exactly what feels best to that dominant part. If it’s your right arm that has a lot to say, let it do so until it has really had its turn. It feels so good to let that dominant part move your body. Work it out until you feel done and then just take some deep breaths and rest.

Now, simply switch sides. Its easier said than done. Feel the awkwardness of this submissive side taking over, now. How much it wants to just follow along. It hates being the leader. How unnatural it feels to ask the part of you that always follows to be in charge for a while! Ask it to stay silent for just a little while and trust that it will listen. When the dominant side kicks back in and starts to lead the show again, just take note. It’s not a failure. It’s just an exercise to notice the differences. It’s just an exercise to understand yourself a bit more deeply. It’s just an exercise to uncover your own patterns from your sight.